Aerospace Lead Engineer Jobs

Lead Engineers take on project management jobs within the aerospace market and responsible for team management, monitoring, reporting and proper and timely project execution.

Key areas covered in Aerospace Lead Engineer jobs include research and development, building and maintaining aircraft and their systems. 

Responsibilities in Aerospace Lead Engineer Jobs

An Aerospace Lead Engineer is responsible for the following activities and more:

  • Supporting the project team leader to ensure projects progress smoothly
  • Undertaking engineering projects and planning them with the client’s requirement in mind
  • Developing navigation, communications or weapons systems
  • Researching ways to make fuel-efficient parts
  • Testing prototypes and collecting and analysing test data.
  • Designing and reviewing the performance of operating systems
  • Enhancing existing operating systems
  • Managing staff recruitment, development and training

Skills and requirements for Lead Aerospace Engineering Jobs

One of the key skills required to become an Aerospace Lead Engineer is the ability to focus on detail to effectively monitor maintenance and progress of  projects running concurrently.

To enter into this field, you'll be required to possess either a mechanical, aerospace or automotive engineering degree. Some experience of project management and budgeting is preferred.

As at 2020, salaries in lead aerospace engineering start at £25,000.  You can choose to specialise in a particular field, such as aerodynamics or fuel efficiency, or move up to consultant aerospace engineer and start looking at salaries nearer £70,000.

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