Manufacturing managers are responsible for ensuring the manufacturing process runs smoothly, is cost-effective and delivers products to the desired quality and on time. Production planning, control and supervision are important areas of manufacturing management.

Manufacturing managers liaise closely with maintenance technicians, company buyers, suppliers, quality control and training departments, and health and safety inspectors. Manufacturing manager jobs also produce reports for senior managers and clients.

What's involved in Manufacturing Management jobs?

The exact nature of the work will depend on the size of the employing organisation. However, it will almost certainly involve:

  • drawing up a production schedule

  • working out the human and materials resources needed

  • estimating how long a job will take, costing it, and setting the quality standards

  • monitoring the production processes and adjusting schedules as needed

  • supervising and motivating a team of workers

At the pre-manufacturing stage, manufacturing managers are responsible for the selection and design of equipment, the plant layout, materials handling and manufacturing planning (including demand forecasting, production scheduling and ordering of material).

Key responsibilities in Manufacturing Manager jobs

During the manufacturing stage, responsibilities encompass:

  • Production control (the sequencing of jobs, updating time schedules, etc),

  • stock control, quality control,

  • health and safety issues

  • maintenance and replacement of production equipment.

A large (and often understated) part of manufacturing management involves dealing with people, particularly those who work in your team.  Manufacturing managers may be responsible for scheduling their work, disciplinary matters, identifying their training needs and progressing their career development.

Manufacturing managers will generally be educated to a degree level and work there way up in the industry.

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