Diversity and Inclusive Culture

We are a family-run business, dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, reflecting the vision we built our company foundation and wider business strategy upon. Stafffinders are extremely passionate about offering equal opportunities to all employees, candidates and clients, nurturing a strong and supportive business culture.

Diversity is integral to our business enterprise, and we take the utmost care and responsibility in adhering to current policies, lawful employment practices and a great standard of working conditions. These values mirror our commitment to helping our clients meet their own diversity targets, to ensure the companies we supply do not discriminate unlawfully towards any candidate submitted for their vacancy.

It is in our best interest that we continue to take every step possible to maintain and exceed our allegiance towards diversity and an inclusive culture within the workplace and beyond the business.

Young People’s Initiative

As Scotland’s Original Recruitment Agency, our heritage and passion for helping our local communities mean that we are always on the lookout for emerging talent within younger generations to join the Stafffinders family. To ensure we are continually supporting young people's career aspirations and personal development, Stafffinders is involved in the Santander Internship Programme with the University of Strathclyde. This offers ambitious students the chance to gain invaluable experience within the workplace over the course of a 10-week internship, covering specific recruitment and marketing projects.

Each year, we are thrilled to welcome new recruits over this period and pride ourselves in offering these opportunities to empower young people to reach their full potential. Stafffinders truly understand the importance of channelling and utilising young people's creativity and work ethic, allowing them to apply their newfound skills and knowledge into practice, and contribute to their future career development. We are honoured to be a part of this scheme, ultimately helping to reduce youth unemployment and support Scotland’s economic growth.

Charity Support

Stafffinders are extremely passionate about supporting our local communities, that is why every second year, our team collectively choose a different charity close to our hearts, to help sponsor them in as many ways as we can, to help improve the lives of others. 

We are incredibly proud to say that our current charity partner is Alzheimer Scotland, a remarkable charity that supports the lives of people with dementia, as well as their families, friends, and the people around them to ensure that no-one faces dementia alone. If you would like to donate, you can do so on the Stafffinders X Alzheimer Scotland JustGiving page. Even a small amount makes a huge difference.

Between 2020 – 2022, we supported MND Scotland, a leading charity based in Scotland providing life-saving care and support to those affected by Motor Neurone Disease. Between 2018 and 2019, the Stafffinders team chose Recovery Across Mental Health, a charity that supports over 4,000 people across Scotland with mental health issues. Whilst from 2016 – 2017, we were honoured to support Cash for Kids and we're proud to have raised over £3,000, which helped local children realise their potential and lead fulfilling lives.

We aim to do everything we can do in support of our chosen charities. As a team, we volunteer our time to organise regular fundraising events and promote the charities incredible efforts throughout our online channels, encouraging enhanced awareness. Combined with ongoing financial help, we are delighted to offer a fantastic range of support and dedicate our time to charities who need it most.


As a firm believer in protecting the environment, our team are consistently committed to creating a sustainable and greener future within Stafffinders as a whole as well as promoting this to our local communities. We are always looking for new ways to significantly reduce our environmental footprint, such as introducing impactful recycling initiatives to ensuring that our regular processes, forms and timesheets are completed online.

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