The Radio Frequency Engineer is an electrical engineer who specialises in wireless devices such as radios and mobiles. They are primarily responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of these wireless systems. Radio Frequency Engineer Jobs are highly specialised and you'll be a 'subject matter expert' in designing antenna systems, coupling and transmission line structures, the application of circuit elements and they also verify radio frequency devices and systems.

Responsibilities of Radio Frequency Engineers

As a Radio Frequency Engineer, you will be responsible for the design and production of telecommunication systems. These include:

  • engineering manufacturing

  • electricity generation and distribution

  • communications

  • transportation

  • chemical

  • marine and offshore industries

  • the public sector

  • the armed forces

  • computer manufacturers

Skills and expertise for Radio Frequency Engineering Jobs 

Expertise and experience in radio frequency engineering is a pre-requisite, as well as having full working knowledge of device design, transmission systems and the placement of antennas for optimum performance.

It's important to be able to understand and analyse wireless network KPIs, and possess design circuitry skills.

Other core skills required include knowledge of cell site design and LTE networks, data analysis, problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.

Radio Frequency Engineering Jobs - expected salary

If the aerospace engineering market is on your radar, consider approximate salary in the UK starts at £33,500 - £36,000 and with experience £36,000 - £43,000. Take steps towards your next career move.  

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