IT Systems Managers are responsible for the overall coordination and design of a business IT capabilities. IT system managers will oversee all technical development within an organisation, ranging from major system infrastructure overhauls to incremental software development changes. System managers must also oversee other employees within the IT department, such as technicians, programmers and database administrators who combine to a perform vital role in driving business efficiencies.

What information systems do managers oversee? 

The main responsibility of IT system managers will include the following: 

  • Analyse the needs of consumers and ensure IT systems can meet these requirements.

  • Ensure that existing IT services run with minimum disruption by following the appropriate protocol eg installation of anti-virus software.

  • Install new systems and implement recommendations made by Business Analysts

    and support specialists.

  • Keep updated on the latest IT software, planning the future purchase and implementation of new IT technologies.

Skills and working conditions: 

IT system managers must possess strong leadership skills, so they are able to motivate and coordinate their employees. System Managers must also have the capability of communicating with senior managers in order to maintain knowledge of consumer needs and the subsequent IT requirements. The average salary for IT systems managers ranges from £40,000 - £65,000, with working hours varying depending on the project at hand.

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