Database Administrators are responsible for the planning, implementation, configuration and administration of database management systems. Database administrator jobs will also require to keep data secure and troubleshoot the system to improve the consumer experience. Database administrator roles are fast-paced and often demanding, with databases underpinning the working of many organisations. Related jobs include Software Developers and Software Engineers.

Key responsibilities in database administrator jobs:

The daily duties of a database administrator will consist of the following:

  • Ensure that the storage of data complies with the latest privacy legislation, including GDPR.

  • Properly dispose of data that is no longer relevant to the organisation, ensuring archiving functions are properly implemented.

  • Update and develop current databases, utilising the newest data handling software.

  • Write database documentation, including the development of queries that allow for easy data extraction when required.

Skillsets required for database administrators:

Successful data administrators have strong problem-solving skills and can apply analytical thinking to complex scenarios. Essential skills may also include:

  • Good technical knowledge of databases and query languages

  • strong verbal and written communication skills, to explain to users how the database works and to keep clear records of changes you have made

  • analytical skills

  • to pay attention to detail

  • planning and forecasting skills

  • knowledge of data protection issues and access rights

Expected salary of Database Administrators:

Data administrators are now often required to work from home and therefore may have to work some unsociable hours. However, they can work between 37-40 hours on average, with the average salary for data administrators ranging from £22,000 to £32,000.

Trade association websites such as BCS: The Chartered Institute for IT provide an excellent resource to get into the industry.

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