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Software Developer jobs involve designing, developing, testing and implementing software applications to improve business efficiency and productivity.

A Software Developer plays a key role in ensuring that the processes are running as expected and fixing any software problems that may arise. The skills needed for a Software Developer are coding languages such as JavaScript, C++, Ruby, C# and .Net to name a few. These types of Developers should also be comfortable writing and analysing queries and working with different frameworks.

Software Developers can also be referred to as Computer Programmers, Software Designers, Application Designers, Application Programmers, Coders, Development Programmers or Software Programmers.

Responsibilities of Software Developers:

To design a suitable system, Software Developer jobs and Software Engineer jobs will involve:

  • Working closely with Analysts, Designers, Engineers and Commercial staff 

  • Translating client requirements into detailed technical specifications 

  • Either writing the programming code from scratch or adapting existing applications

  • Testing the software systems and identifying any software bugs or glitches 

  • Ensuring that the work is fully documented.

What are the right skill sets for Software Development?

In Software Developer jobs, they are usually required to be educated to degree-level and to have relevant development work experience and vocational skills, for example as part of a sandwich course, summer work, etc.

A large part of training to become a Software Developer and Software Engineer is gaining experience in a work environment, receiving in-house training, and getting involved in courses and qualifications.

Professional bodies, such as the British Computer Society (BCS), and private sector suppliers offer a range of Software Development courses.

Expected Salary

The salaries for Software Developer jobs and Software Engineer jobs may range from £20,000 to over £80,000 and is very much dependent upon the experience and skills of the individual.

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