Effectiveness of job fairs for building new networks

Job fairs provide job seekers with a great opportunity to proactively present themselves to a vast array of hiring employers and other organisations. Stafffinders will be attending the next Jobs Fair in Glasgow on Wednesday the 14th of August, providing candidates with all the latest advice and across 32 industry sectors. Why should you attend? Here are 5 reasons.

1. Grow Your Network

Networking is widely regarded as one of the most important aspects in building a successful career. Establishing long term, mutually beneficial relationships can prove to be an invaluable asset when moving up the career ladder. Networks can provide avenues for new opportunities and access to additional resources, as well as job references for the future. As such, attending job fairs and meeting new people would be an extremely beneficial exercise.  

2. Discover what jobs are available in the market

It’s all well and good reading about the current state of certain job markets, but the best knowledge is always gained first-hand. By attending job fairs, you’ll be able to see for yourself what jobs are and are not widely available.  Furthermore, job fairs are not often limited to one specific job discipline, thus you are able to expand your job seeking horizons. You may end up surprising yourself about what jobs appeal to you!

3. Develop your skills

In a world where instant messaging, telephoning and email are all the main carriers of communication, retaining the ability to talk to employers on a face to face basis still holds value. Interpersonal skills and communication skills are two of the most valuable skills that are developed whilst attending job fairs. Speaking to prospective employers, asking questions about their jobs and explaining your own strengths will all go a long way in developing your formal persona.  

4. Increase your confidence

The job-hunting process can be one that hits hard on your confidence. Rejection, regardless of your prior experience, is never a nice feeling. However, by attending job fairs and increasing your exposure to the needs of employers, the chances of rejection will decrease. Furthermore, the more you speak to recruiters, the less daunting they become, allowing you to relax more in future encounters.

5. They’re free and full of advice

One of the main draws of jobs fairs? They’re free. Unlike most other events, most job fairs are free to attend. That means you have access to all of the above perks, without having to pay directly for them. Also, the advice given out at the events is also free! Having access to a large range of employers means you can pick up small hints and tricks that could make all the difference in your next job application.

In the meantime, visit our news section to view some useful tricks that can be used in your next job application. If you’re seeking more information about the event or about our recruitment service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, check out our list of currently available jobs.