How to survive your first day at a new job

Starting a new job can be daunting, and combined with the mixture of nerves, excitement and anticipation, you’ll almost feel like you’re back at your first day of school. Think positively and follow our basic tips to make a great impression on your first day!

  1. Your perfect partner in recruitment

    Choosing a recruitment agency to work with can be difficult, but at Stafffinders we want to make the hiring process easy for you and find you a career you'll love. Here's 10 reasons why we're your perfect partner this Valentines Day...

  2. Keeping motivated during your job hunt

    Job hunting can be a frustrating, and often long, process. Despite the inevitable setbacks you might face, its crucial to keep a positive attitude throughout your job search.

  3. Career Paths: Office administration

    Often an arguably underestimated role, office administrators are typically responsible for a large and varied number of day-to-day tasks, which are usually crucial to the smooth running of the office. So, why should you consider a role in office administration?

  4. How to handle conflicts with your colleagues

    From something as trivial as who stole who’s mug from the cupboard, to bigger altercations surrounding an important project, clashes in the workplace are pretty much inevitable – even if you and your colleagues are harmonious 95% of the time.

  5. A family run business with family values

    Family has long been the backbone of our culture, so when it comes to starting a business it’s only natural that many choose to do so with their family members. But what factors should be considered before beginning a business venture with your kin?

  6. Career Paths: Hospitality and catering

    The hospitality and catering industry is one which we have all encountered, usually as the consumer. But what's it like on the other side? Our article explores the reasons why you should consider a job in this fast-moving, ever-growing industry.

  7. 15 Ways to increase your productivity at work

    We’ve all been there – trying tirelessly to complete our long list of tasks, and subsequently hitting the wall in which our energy and motivation takes a sudden, steep dive. Sometimes it feels like there’s no way back to the ‘zone’ of productivity, but there are certainly steps you can take throughout the day that can help. Here are Stafffinders 15 top tips for productivity:

  8. Millennials: The Stereotypes vs The Facts

    Millennials – the most tech-savvy generation, yet those stereotyped as the most bewildered at how long it takes to boil an egg. Typically born between 1981 and 1997, it’s of no doubt that millennials get a bad rep, particularly within the workplace. But of all the traits associated with them, which are stereotypes and which are facts?

  9. 15 tips for CV success

    When searching for a job, our CV is generally what most of us consider our most important tool. It is the first impression most potential employers will have of us, and can be what makes or breaks our job search. However, when considering just how many CVs recruiters must search through, it is crucial to acknowledge ways in which you can get your CV to the top of the pile, and stand out from other applicants in a heavily competitive process.