How to Master Public Speaking

There comes a time we all have to face our fears and, for many of us, this can include public speaking. Unfortunately, presentations are a huge part of many jobs nowadays, meaning lots of us will have to tackle it at some point. Here is Stafffinders top tips for mastering the art of public speaking.

  1. How to Keep Your Team Motivated

    How important is it to keep staff happy? The answer is very! Investing in the happiness of your team will motivate and evidently benefit everyone involved, so here's our best tips on how you can do this.

  2. How to Make Your Commute More Productive

    The commute to work can be something we all dread. Rushing for a seat on the train, being coughed on by strangers, and being half asleep to the point you nearly miss your stop – the commute is something many people rarely enjoy. So, what can we do to make it more enjoyable – or at least more productive?

  3. How Can a Recruitment Agency Help Me Find a Job?

    Job hunting can be difficult. Many people consider enlisting the help of a recruitment agency such as Stafffinders when looking for a new job. Not only can we provide the support and advice you might need, we can enable you with access to jobs you likely wouldn’t be able to find on your own.

  4. 5 Tips for Future Graduates

    While you’re studying, it feels like you have time for nothing else. However, you should and need to be thinking about what you can do to ensure a higher chance of being employed following your graduation.

  5. 20 Things You'll Only Know if You Work in an Office

    Offices can be strange places, and one which you don’t fully understand until you’ve worked in one. Here are 20 things you will only know if you work in an office...

  6. Telephone Interview Tips

    Telephone interviews are becoming more and more popular. Ensure your telephone interview goes smoothly and increase your chances of success with Stafffinders tips and tricks.

  7. Competition Time! Win an Amazing Easter Hamper

    Enter our fantastic Facebook competition by simply guessing how many eggs are in the jar for your chance to win an Easter hamper full of chocolate goodies!

  8. 5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination at Work

    Are you putting things off at work? We all procrastinate at some point, but follow Stafffinders simple steps and try not to let it affect your work or its standard.

  9. How to Dress for an Interview

    Before a job interview, there is plenty for you to prepare. But something crucial that you shouldn’t forget is planning your outfit before the big day. Don't worry, Stafffinders have you covered!