​Software testing is the quality assurance of the digital world. Programs need to be thoroughly tested to find bugs. The engineers and developers might create the programs, but they need to be thoroughly tested at numerous stages of the production process to find bugs and interface issues.

As a Software Tester, you will plan and carry out tests on computer programs to see if they do exactly what they have been designed to do. Working as part of a project team, featuring Front End Website Developers, Project Managers, Graphic Designers and marketing and sales teams.

Your day-to-day duties could include:

  • planning the testing procedures to be carried out

  • using automated testing tools or manual procedures to carry out testing

  • identifying and investigating any software problems discovered

  • making sure that any problems are dealt with

  • making sure that any problems are dealt with correctly

  • re-testing

To become a Software Tester, you will need:

  • verbal communication and teamwork skills

  • to be well organised

  • to be able to write clear reports

  • to pay attention to detail

  • You must carefully follow the designs and plans for the software and its intended purpose.

These plans include:

  • business design specifications - what role will the software play within the business as a whole?

  • a technical brief - the actual technical plans for the completed software, including charts and diagrams

  • a website wireframe - a visual plan of a website

You must make sure that the software:

  • meets the requirements of its design and development

  • works within an acceptable time (it's not too slow)

  • can be installed and runs correctly within its intended environment (where it will be used)

Skills and qualities:

Communication skills are crucial because you'll need to report your findings in way that others can immediately understand. In some cases a degree is required, but software skills and knowledge of programming languages such as C# and SQL are more important, and many employers offer training on the job.

An International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) certificate will help, but the main thing is to get as much experience as you can.

Expected salary:

The pay rates given below are approximate.

  • Starting: £26,500 - £30,000

  • With experience: £34,500 - £43,000

  • Senior Software Testers earn £48,000 - £54,500

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