Jobs in network security require specialised skills. It is important to earn certain certifications for any information technology job. Cisco and Novell are amongst the most recognised for networking and internetworking respectively. Alternatively, Microsoft Certification is also widely accepted along with an emphasis on Networking Security. Experience in troubleshooting, switches and routers are important as well as a strong knowledge of TCP/IP.

Network and security jobs usually deal with policy and procedure development, as well as communication protocols, data and network security.

In-depth knowledge of system integration, client/server architecture, distributed processing and connectivity solutions is of high significance.

How much can you earn in Network Security?

Salaries are high in the network security industry with the average salary being £55,000. Salaries in this industry have also been steadily increasing over recent years. Overall, the salary level can range from £45,000 to £80,000.

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