Networking professionals are primarily responsible for the development and maintenance of computer networks within a business, whilst providing technical support to all users and analysing any issues that arise. Networks could include LAN's and WAN's as well as an intranet and extranet.

Key responsibilities of a Networking position:

  • Design and create fresh network systems or improve the effectiveness of current systems

  • Install and configure network software and hardware

  • Monitor systems performance and identity any improvements to make more efficient

  • Upgrade network systems with new technology 

  • Implement security procedures and policies 

How do I secure a role in Networking?

To secure a position as a Networking professional in an organisation, you may be required to complete a qualification in information systems, computer science, mathematics or a similar field. Networking roles require someone who possesses excellent mathematical skills as well as the ability to think analytically. You will have exceptional time management and organisational skills whilst also having proficient communication skills in both a verbal and written manner.

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