Business Analyst work involves the planning, organising and managing of client businesses, through the implementation of Information Technology (IT) and Digital Change.

Business Analysts must develop a deep understanding of their client’s business, identifying weaknesses and areas for improvements. A prime consideration in Business Analyst Jobs will be prior implementation of IT or software-based solutions, whilst conveying their benefits to the organisation’s stakeholders.

Business Analysts must continually develop across areas such as data analysis, digital transformation and change management in order to maintain success in their position. You'll need to have experience in a highly regulated environment so that you can understand the challenges of business change whilst ensuring total compliance.

Leading the way in the Business Analyst job: 

The main responsibilities of a business analyst are as follows:

  • Establish extensive knowledge of the client’s company, understanding its core functions and competencies.

  • Analyse and interpret data, identifying problems and creating strategic solutions to overcome such problems.

  • Utilise IT resources to develop advanced business solutions.

  • Present recommendations effectively to senior management, detailing the value of the proposed changes.

  • Assist and train employees concerning any newly implemented IT or software systems

  • Stick within the project's budget, work to deadlines and minimise disruption and throughout the project’s life cycle.

  • Ensure that any changes implemented are evaluated and reported on to assess their value. 

Required skills and remuneration:

Successful Business Analysts will possess strong communication skills as they must be able to gain and translate information to various audiences. Business Analyst jobs require candidates to have a strong understanding of IT, as well as strong organisational and time management skills. Business Analyst positions are often highly contested and therefore a degree in either business, IT or data analysis would be advantageous.

As at 2020, Business Analysts average salaries range from £32,000 to £45,000, with this figure increasing with experience.

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