Social media has completely changed the playing field in digital and marketing and there is high demand to ensure companies establish their presence online. With new opportunities arising all the time, Social Media Marketing Jobs allow you to manage company communications and shape the discussion around products and services to position the company more effectively and deal with live client queries.

Whilst most businesses spend so much time working on the day to day aspects of their products and services and customer delivery, they often forget the important elements of social media and how to engage with customers on platforms such as Linkedin.  Enter the Social Media Manager,  who will bring an ongoing focus on the all important aspect of sales and customer engagement and how to achieve it.

Seven roles of a Social Media Marketer

The Social Media Manager will be responsible for:

  1. Monitoring the conversations and responding in real-time

  2. Taking ownership of content creation on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

  3. Promote brand awareness and increase sales

  4. Implement and monitor various campaigns and interact with influencers and events

  5. Work with subject matter experts internal to the organisation to deliver tailored content

  6. Engage with the wider social media community and respond to brand queries.

  7. Analyse all social media campaign performance and create future branding strategies.

Customer service delivery and social engagement 

Social networking sites have brought additional customer service channels into play for businesses, large, medium and small. You'll need to be customer orientated with an ability to create compelling content for different audiences to drive forward all brand related promotion and influencer activity.

As at January 2020, entry level salary for Social Media professionals across the UK is £20,000, although this may vary dependent on location, company or agency and experience.   

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