Sales representatives essentially sell a product or service to organisations or consumers, depending on if a company focuses on B2C or B2B or even both. As a Sales professional you will be responsible for capturing new business opportunities as well as retaining current customers in order to meet the organisation's sales objectives. Sales representatives will require good knowledge of the marketplace and be able to spot trends, whilst identifying gaps in the market to feedback to the business.

Key responsibilities within a Sales position

  • Develop a sound understanding of the companies product or service range

  • Create and carry out presentations to various clients and consumers

  • Negotiate pricing structures with potential clients

  • Prepare sales forecasts for the range of products or services

  • Be able to effectively answer all client or consumer enquiries

  • Gather feedback for potential product or service improvements

  • Prepare weekly or monthly sales reports

  • Working alongside the marketing team to create bespoke advertisements

  • Be able to meet sales targets

What is required to secure a Sales role?

To secure a role in Sales, organisations may request that you have a relevant degree, which could be in either Business Studies, Marketing or a similar field. 

You will have exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written combined with the ability to build excellent relationships with clients. Sales representatives require proficient computer skills and should have a good understanding of mathematics to be comfortable dealing with pricing and forecasts.

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