The overall responsibility of Sales Director jobs is to increase business through marketing and sales excellence and lead, organise and represent the company.  Jobs in sales directorships run and grow with the association and would use contacts, experience and judgement to optimise both short-term and long-term financial performance of the company.

Sales Director jobs would play a full part in arriving at balanced and objective decisions and would ensure that the objectives of the company are fully, promptly and properly carried out.

Eight roles of a Sales Director

  1. Plan and implement marketing strategy, including advertising and PR, sales and customer retention and development

  2. Plan and manage sales and marketing resources according to agreed budgets

  3. Contribute to formulation of policy and strategy as a board member 

  4. Recruit, manage, train and motivate direct reporting staff according to company procedures, policy and employment law

  5. Maintain administration and relevant reporting and planning systems

  6. Manage relevant reporting of management and financial information for the sales and marketing departments

  7. Select and manage external agencies, manage new business development, maintain and develop corporate image and reputation 

  8. Protect and develop the company's brands via suitable PR activities and intellectual management.

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