The arrival of online sales programmes has paved the way for Sales Development Representative Jobs. Overseeing the sales strategy to draw in potential buyers in, and reaching new clients from scratch. Enter the Sales Development Representative Jobs, otherwise called a Business Development Representative.

By focusing more on lead qualification, they play a crucial (and often missing) role in the sales and marketing of an organisation.

Sales Development Representative often times start that conversation with leads by reaching out and taking them through the early stages of the pipeline, either getting them ready to talk with a closer or finding out they’re a suspect with no intention of buying at all.

Sales Development Representative jobs and what their responsibilities should be:

  • Inbound lead qualification, moving leads into and through the sales funnel

  • Sourcing new business opportunities

  • Identifying and understanding the customer's needs through discovery calls

  • Setting up sales qualified appointments

  • Booking in meetings

  • Researching and identifying key decision-makers and generating interest

  • Maintaining and expanding your database of prospects

  • Utilise social media networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to stay on top of the minds of the leads.

  • Get involved in content featuring industry news

  • Conference highlights from events in the industry

  • Resources of big names that like-minded business owners may follow

Sales Development Representative Jobs qualifications

Despite making Linkedin's emerging jobs list, the skills needed for the role of Sales Development Representative (SDR) have remained largely unchanged since 2015. One reason for its appearance could be business transformation, with sales capabilities changing from being product-led to solutions-led. 

Unique skills:

  • Business Development

  • Lead Generation

  • Sales, Salesforce

  • Software as a Service (SaaS).

  • Experience in a high-volume sales environment

  • Ability to communicate effectively over the phone

  • A record of exceeding sales targets

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