Sales Advisors work to identify and secure customers in order for a company to expand its client base and make money. Any industry that tries to sell products and services may need Sales Advisor jobs fulfilled and consequently, recruitment in sales and related occupations is resulting in new jobs at an increasing rate.

Fundamentally office based, Sales Advisor jobs will see you going out to meet and review products with people likely to be interested in your business.

For the smaller operator, Sales Advisors will think of the value of product and what customers would expect to rightly pay for it. The more adept sales advisors will position products against the real value it will have for the customer whether that is less downtime, faster production, longevity and fewer returns.

Sales Advisor Jobs Responsibilities

Some of the primary tasks expected of Customer Sales Advisors:

  • Identify where your prospects 'hang out' or make presentations at places they are likely to be to showcase what your company has to offer.

  • Develop superior knowledge of your product or service sell. 

  • Demonstrate an ability to answer potential questions from customers and relate what the company has to offer to individual needs.

  • Take ownership for sales team training with new sales team members 

  • Help to develop leads or instruct colleagues on how to present the company’s offerings effectively.

Sales Advisor Jobs - Experience Required

Like all sales professionals, Sales Advisors need outstanding interpersonal skills.
An ability to connect with people and demonstrate understanding of how to meet their needs can build relationships and drives sales.

Salary Expectations

Instead of a traditional salary, some Sales Advisors receive a base salary plus commission based on their sales totals. As at start of 2020, salaries vary between £18,000 - £25,000 dependent on location and hiring organisation.

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