In today’s business, marketing has entered the boardroom and Marketing Manager Jobs ensure it remains at the forefront of business plans.

With the onset of digital, more and more non-traditional sectors are hiring Marketing Managers to release the hidden benefits of their organisation. These include banking and FinTech, though many of the opportunities will be contract roles with the potential to move from temporary to permanent.

The main role of a Marketing Manager is to conceptualise, create and implement strategic marketing plans and online sales programmes aligned with organisational objectives and establish a clear, competitive advantage over its rivals.

Marketing manager jobs cover diverse activities and will take charge of multiple communication channels, including digital channels, such as social media, public/media relations, product development and promotions to ensure the campaign is as successful as it can be.

What to expect in Marketing Management 

On a day to day basis, a Marketing Manager will perform some of the ten key duties outlined below:

  1. Write marketing and promotional briefs

  2. Brief agencies and other departments

  3. Monitor a campaign's progress

  4. Compile marketing strategies

  5. Manage the marketing team

  6. Analyse and evaluate marketing data

  7. Identify and implement strategic change for future campaigns

  8. Set S.M.A.R.T objectives for the marketing team 

  9. Ensure key stakeholders are maintaining consistency of brand image

  10. Manage the companies marketing budget

Required skills in Marketing Management

To fulfil a Marketing Manager position, candidates must have a strong grasp of marketing and its key concepts. Some positions may require candidates to possess a marketing related degree, however, manager status can also be reached with experience of strong demonstration knowledge. Managers must be somewhat creative, have strong leadership skills, communication skill and time management skills.

Average salary 

At the start of 2020, the average salary for a Marketing Manager in Scotland ranges between £30,000 - £35,0000, with this figure varying depending on the employing organisation and candidate experience. In terms of working hours, marketing managers can expect to work between 37-40 hours perk week, with some weekend or evening overtime being required around project deadlines or networking events.

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