Marketers are mainly responsible for creating and overseeing various marketing campaigns set out to promote an organisations services or products. Marketing campaigns can be conducted via social media, email marketing, events, and many more avenues in order to attract new customers. Creating content for websites is also a crucial task for marketers, ensuring high-quality SEO and writing regular blog articles to engage with the target audience.

Competitor analysis is also part of marketer’s day-to-day duties, to identify the organisations' position in the industry and how they compare to the competitors around them. It is therefore exceptionally important for marketers to produce engaging and informative content to be promoted across a variety of channels to improve brand awareness, encourage conversions, and contribute to the company’s core values. As marketers work on a variety of responsibilities on a day to day basis, it is important to be organised, have the ability to multitask and be able to work efficiently whether that be independently or part of a team.

How to be considered for a Marketing role

Marketing opportunities are usually open to graduates who have secured a degree in Marketing or Business Studies or those who have completed training certificates or an apprenticeship. Strong written and verbal communication are essential for a successful marketer, as well as strong attention to detail.

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