The number of employed and self-employed marketing professionals is fast approaching 1 million, with around 211,000 marketing associates alone. Marketing too, has many different facets. The industry is all about creating, communicating and delivering something of value for customers or clients. Marketing is forward-looking and all about understanding a customer's need, with building a brand identity for the product being sold - and creating the "pull" to attract the customer.

With the onset of internet based selling programmes, companies are increasingly creating Marketing Communications Executive Jobs to produce compelling content on behalf of their organisation.

Working in the Marketing & Communications department, Marketing Communications Executive Jobs will work to an editorial calendar and publish key messages on a range of media platforms. Underpinning this PR activity, lies an essential understanding of media selection, offline and online and skill in developing online sales programmes to ensure your company is engaging with target audiences on all the right platforms.

What are the benefits of working in Marcomms

Marketing Communications or ‘Marcomms’ is an all year long activity for organisations, as your company values and products and services will be publicised to existing and new customers.
As a Marketing Communications Executive, you'll often gain a unique opportunity to work on major communications and PR campaigns and events and provide support across many wide and varied organisations.

It’s all about working across multiple channels - press, social media, print magazine and online channels. In addition you will also work across internal communication channels - intranet, staff emails, newsletters to ensure staff engagement.

Ideal role profile and required skills

The day to day tasks carried out by a marketing communications executive will consist of the following:

  • Brief colleagues and external suppliers and work in partnership.

  • Manage the delivery of multiple stories, campaigns and production.

  • Involve colleagues in content strategy meetings.

  • Provide key support for all content planning, development, production and reporting initiatives across different functions and departments.

  • Deliver communications activities such as PR, marketing, media and communications planning.

  • Manage multiple audiences and stakeholders on multiple platforms.

  • Writing across online media and hard copy publications.

  • Possess good online and social media skills.

  • Update website content management systems.

  • Understand processes for filming, audio, photography and/or more advanced web publishing techniques.

Different pathways and hiring companies 

Entering marketing communications roles can come from content and social media roles in-house and/or agency experience. You will need to have background of delivering multi-channel campaigns and be a people person with an ability to liaise with different functions of business

The Chartered Institute of Marketing offers a range of learning resources to support you on your marketing journey. They provide distance learning programmes to ensure your marketing career remains on track. 

As at January 2020, salaries for Marketing Communications Executive in Scotland range from £25,000 - £35,000, dependent on location and organisation being represented.

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