Marketing Assistants are responsible for assisting in all areas of a marketing strategy from the development of different elements to their implementation. In Marketing Assistant Jobs the individual needs to be a ‘marketer and a doer’ and be prepared to get involved in anything from planning market research to organising the distribution of literature, developing a full marketing strategy or helping to put on an event.

By assisting on various projects, you will develop a strong marketing management toolkit which allows you to deliver value on various projects and ultimately take on more senior positions such as Marketing Manager Jobs.  Taking a keen interest in learning and developing digital marketing techniques to run online sales programmes is recommended to remain relevant for different areas of business. 

Duties and responsibilities in Marketing Assistant Jobs

Assistants carry out many different tasks each day such as carrying out research, overlooking the production schedule, drafting press releases and dealing with clients and other various tasks to help drive the marketing campaign forward. 

Expected salary

An undergraduate degree in marketing (or a professional marketing qualification)  may also be expected and digital marketing roles often expect experience of between one and three years in digital communications and marketing.  As of 2020, the earning potential for a Marketing Assistant in Scotland is between £23,000 up to £30,000, though this depends on employing organisation and location.

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