The fast moving world of Digital Marketing Account Management will shift dependant on the organisation being represented, but jobs for Digital Marketing account management will involve overseeing a portfolio of client accounts to grow market share, online presence and sales.

The Digital Marketing world can be incredibly rewarding if you are passionate about building strong client relationships.  Whether it is a client-sided role or agency, the current jobs market is awash with fresh opportunities within Digital Marketing Account Management. 

If you are joining a Digital Marketing Agency, you are often best approaching a recruitment agency to help identify companies specific hiring needs before applying.  You'll need to be an excellent communicator to work effectively with client services and support the Account Director on driving client growth and scheduling process with internal stakeholders and marketing experts. 

For individuals who relish being the first point of contact for the client, Account Management can genuinely make an impact on a client's investment, either by producing best results from web solutions or by upselling extra service to the client.  

6 commercial must-have skills

  1. Develop effective briefs for immediate colleagues and be collaborative for close teams.

  2. Grow market share, online presence and sales.

  3. Project manage and direct in-house experts to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of solutions.

  4. Measure project milestones and manage performance updates to keep everyone on track and ensure team accountability and quality.

  5. Develop solid commercial acumen to efficiently meet client related budgets, targets and billing requirements

  6. Always keep the agency at the forefront of any external contact.

The day to day of key account management

  • Developing an innate understanding of clients businesses especially their online business competitors.

  • Immersing in the agency offering and practise confidently presenting and pitching with clients.

  • Overseeing quality of digital output and minimising risk to meet the agreed project milestones and enhance the organisation's perception.

  • Pro-actively look for any problems likely to arise on a daily basis and share solutions to overcome challenges.

  • Ensure concise and clear client records to provide interim reports and sustain internal communications.

Progression and career potential 

Typically 2-3 years marketing agency experience helps to get you on the shortlist, then you can begin to tackle more senior jobs in different areas of business. Agency side experience is preferable to understand the environment. Working in-house for private clients can be an interesting transition, particularly if you have ‘hands on’ agency experience to see operations from client side.

Our experience has shown that for those willing to work their way from the bottom up, the opportunities at the top of the ladder can be extremely lucrative. As at January 2020, the average salary in Scotland sits approximately at £35,000 though this varies with location and agency.

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