In the digital era, there’s never been more a varied job than that of the Content Marketing Executive. Whether a new site, a refresh, app development, email newsletters, social media postings, Content Marketing Executive Jobs add value through multi-channel approach.
You’ll be aware of the importance of regularly updating content and syndicating digitally, this means executives will be expected to edit content to high standard for clients spanning a multitude of sectors.

You’ll develop a strong understanding of how to craft engaging copy and sharpen understanding in advising internal and external stakeholders.

Day to day of Content Marketing Executive Jobs

  • Develop and implement content marketing strategy

  • Develop robust working relationships with journalists and respond to requests from journalists

  • Get involved in copywriting for design and development of websites

  • Oversee multi-channel marketing activity

  • Get involved in copywriting for design and development of websites

  • Repurposing existing business content for the web

  • Monitor mentions online and react real-time

  • Manage PR releases

  • Manage on the design of marketing materials to be distributed on social media

  • Ensuring that key collateral is up to date

  • Maintain and update marketing copy on company websites

  • Rationalisation of key message across website and fielding enquiries on that topic

  • Manage all social media platforms and provide posting schedule.

Training in Content Marketing Executive Jobs

To become a successful Content Marketing Executive, candidates must possess excellent organisational and time management skills. Candidates must also possess excellent interpersonal skills as the ability to build strong relationships with partners is essential in the role. Moreover, content marketing executives in this position must be highly motivated, driven individuals who are willing to go above and beyond to create compelling copy time after time, again and again.

Content Marketing Executive - expected salary 

As at 2020, the average salary for a channel sales executive will range between £25,000-£28,000 per year, fluctuating with experience and organisation. In terms of working hours, channel sales execs can expect to work between 38-42 hours per week, with some client cases demanding longer hours and overtime.

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