A business development executive, you will perform invaluable sales jobs to assist the business being represented to develop and grow. This type of sales activity will see the business development executive become a high-level sales professional and ultimately, move into business development manager roles.  

The more effective the business development executive becomes, the higher in demand they will be across an array of job sectors, including business-to-business, business-to-customer, and even non-profit organisations.

What's involved in Business Development Executive jobs

Most if not all new business development will involve: 

  • Analyse the businesses product portfolio and identify areas for future expansion

  • Actively build relationships with new clients and generate new sales leads.

  • Provide the organisation with a long term, strategic plan that outlines future targets and how they will be met.

  • Work alongside all departments within the organisation to ensure all staff members are on board with future organisational plans and are aware of expectations.

Key qualities and skills

You should focus on ‘plans for business’ and the all important sales line and how to achieve it.  To achieve this, business development executives require an excellent telephone manner to professionally handle new clients and communicate concisely with fellow employees and managers.  Tenacity, project organisation and the ability to think strategically are also key to developing marketing and sales plans that result in bottom line sales.

Salary and Working Hours

A business development executives salary can range anywhere from £22,000 to £37,500, depending on both your level of experience and working sector. In terms of working hours, the regular 9-5pm office hours tend to apply, however, more hours may be required when deadlines approach.

Contact the Sales and Marketing Division Team

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