In the digital age, companies are increasingly turning to Account Executives to guide them through the rapidly changing areas of online business.

Account Executive Jobs are sales representatives that act as the link between a company and its clients and have genuine expertise in nurturing client relationships.  The account executive's job involves direct responsibility for the dealings with one or more high volume customers or clients (referred to as accounts).

In time, you’ll progress towards management of many named accounts and ambitious executives will understand how to engage with key stakeholders to take the client into new and often productive areas of sales, marketing and advertising.

A mantra followed by many working in key customer account management, 'under-promise and over-deliver' to strategically add value for client companies. When a project is delivered on time and on budget, this might lead to the executive getting paid for new sales as long as they match requisite retention goals.

Administrative sales support management 

Account Executive jobs responsibilities include:

  • Maintain and develop existing accounts through high levels of service in order to expand and strengthen relationships;

  • Actively identify opportunities to introduce other goods and/or services thereby increasing the revenue opportunity within each account;

  • Identifying and developing new sales enquiries and converting into profitable new business and completing all associated administrative work.

  • Create footfall as the start point in the customer relationship, whether that appears via online channels, telephone channels or face to face in store.

  • Provide support services during client engagements, maximising time for client facing people to focus on delivery.

Professional sales and marketing industry bodies

The Chartered Marketing Institute of marketing and the Sales Institute are professional organisations that can guide and develop careers in Sales and Marketing.

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