Get heavily involved in retail agency surveying and develop a wide range of skillsets across facilities management, surveying to bespoke financial services solutions. Those that can think entrepreneurally about the retail market are generally more in demand. 

Experienced Surveyors on Retail Agency Jobs will have amassed a track record of acquisition and disposal of retail property. Agency work includes anything from the instruction to completion including due diligence, marketing and conducting viewings, identifying and negotiating with potential investors.  

Whichever area you choose to specialise in, the work generally involves tasks like:

  • taking measurements

  • mapping, valuing and assessing the property

  • managing, planning, developing and calculating costs of projects

  • You will use electronic equipment and computer software to collect, manage and analyse survey data.

Top jobs for Surveyors in retail management

You will be responsible for telling professionals or clients the results of surveys so that work can be done. Attractive skills for hiring managers may also include:

  • Create lasting and strong relationships within the industry and have strong networking abilities

  • Carry out leasehold and freehold acquisitions and disposals on behalf of various retail clients

  • Manage existing relationships with clients to ensure strong stakeholder management

How to become a building surveyor in retail management

To become a Surveyor, you need:

  • good IT and maths skills

  • to have good spoken and written communication skills

  • strong planning skills

  • to be an accurate worker

Following the education stage, you will receive training on-the-job, and you will specialise in one of the main areas of surveying. To become a fully qualified member of the RICS, you'll need to undertake at least two years' structured learning whilst in employment. Full members of the RICS are given chartered status. This is the highest level of competence in a profession.
There are a number of postgraduate courses related to surveying available in the UK.

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