Residential Valuation Surveyor Jobs are specialist roles within the property sector. Residential Valuation Surveying involves tasks such as taking measurements, valuing, and assessing the property. You will be required to undertake mortgage valuations for home reports, home buyer inspections and condition reports on a wide variety of residential properties.

In Residential Valuation Surveyor Jobs, different types of property need to be carefully studied and valued on various aspects. This includes Residential property which is the type of property surveying which we are most likely to experience. People wishing to sell their house or property will get it valued by a Surveyor who specialises in this area.

Many candidates work on the viability of sites to be transformed into a modern and desirable area. If this involves working with affordable housing means, in a small way, surveyors get to help shape society.

Requirements and responsibilities

As a residential surveyor, you'll need to:

  • Be accustomed to working within a surveying practice and have amassed an ability to work independently as well as part of a team

  • Adopt a professional approach to assist clients with an emphasis on quality, whilst building rapport and maintaining professionalism at every appointment

  • Value properties by applying expert knowledge and awareness of the local property market

  • Take accurate measurements of sites and premises

  • Assess the impact of a major development in terms of economic viability and environmental impact

  • Write detailed reports on property for purposes such as rent reviews, investment potential, valuations for mortgages and other purposes, marketability and building surveys

  • Negotiate with confidence, orally and in writing, on issues such as rents

  • Implement appropriate law for landlord and tenant negotiations and oversee health and safety regulations

  • Manage all kinds of property on behalf of a landlord to meet the landlord's contractual obligations. This will include ensuring compliance with the conditions of the tenancy, collecting rents and handling building maintenance and repair

Skills and qualities

To become a Surveyor, you'll need to:

  • have very strong negotiation and communication skills

  • pay attention to detail

  • have IT skills

  • be good at maths

  • have excellent planning skills

  • You will also need a wide knowledge of construction, economics and the law.

  • You will need to be an MRICS or AssocRICS Residential Valuation Surveyor and ideally be a registered valuer.

Expected Salary

You will have a relevant degree and professional membership (MRICS).  Expected salary levels:

  • Typical starting salaries range from £23,000 to £30,000.

  • The average salary of an experienced residential surveyor is around £46,000. Associates of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) earn around £43,500.

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