Training Officers within a contact centre will be responsible for ensuring all staff have received the necessary training in order to complete their duties effectively.  They deliver an induction programme to new staff members and provide continuous training to update all employees on changes and additions to procedures.

As a Training Officer, you will develop internal training programmes to better improve staff performance and effectiveness. This part of the Training Officers role will mean identifying future training needs and thinking creatively and innovatively in order to deliver them. They must also evaluate all training given using various feedback systems in order to ensure training remains effective and current maintaining a high standard of quality training materials at all times.

Do you have what it takes to be a Training Officer?

The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills and an ability to encourage learning and a willingness to put newly acquired expertise into practice. Strong organisational skills are a must for Training Officers to be certain all employees have received all necessary training, updates and future training sessions are in place to aid personal and company development.

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