Inbound telesales agent jobs have strong sales experience and a mature confident manner allowing them to deal with the general public.  Usually there will be an auto-dial system in place which will continuously direct calls to the next available inbound telesales agent's turret and this can therefore be quite a demanding and fast-paced job, although half the battle is already won as the customer will have called in and therefore already has an interest in your product.

As well as sales experience, inbound telesales agent jobs will require to have a background in a customer service based environment in order that the customers have confidence in their abilities and also maintain professional throughout the call.  Inbound telesales agent jobs will almost always have targets and KPI's to work towards on a weekly, monthly or even annual basis. These will normally include things like the number of calls taken, the time on a call and, of course, if a sale is made.

Inbound telesales agent jobs can be quite stressful due to the nature of the position, however this is where the inbound telesales agent jobs is given the opportunity to shine as they will be rated on how successfully and how quickly you can turn a call, into a sale and to this end being an inbound telesales agent can be a very rewarding job.

Inbound Telesales Agent should have strong sales experience, a confident manner and experience in a customer service environment.

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