​Stafffinders recruits for full-time and part-time Customer Service Assistant Jobs for a wide range of clients throughout Scotland, with Glasgow and Edinburgh being the main focus. While some Customer Service Assistant Jobs require work with customers face to face, others, such as Contact Centre employees, will primarily liaise with customers over the phone.

For those in specialist organisations, such as working on an IT helpdesk, email and other online tools will often be used as the main form of communication.

Most roles will require a combination of these communication methods, so being confident and having excellent communication skills is vitally important. Customer Services is a fundamental activity needing prioritising within many organisations and although the specific duties will vary, the essence of the assistant's role is to act as a link between customers and the organisation.

Duties in Customer Service Assistant jobs:

The vast majority of Customer Service Assistant or Customer Service Advisor activity will include a combination of the following tasks:

  • Answering customer enquiries or passing them on to the appropriate department.

  • Giving information and helping to solve customer problems.

  • Selling products and taking orders.

  • Arranging services for customers, for example, booking hotel rooms or arranging car hire.

  • Processing complaints and, if appropriate, issuing refunds.

  • Taking information from customers and entering it into a database.

  • Taking payments by cash, cheque or credit card.

  • Making sure that the customer's experience is a positive one.

To be efficient in customer service roles, you can often quickly progress to management where you would be in a position of authority to manage a team of Customer Services Assistants.

Adding value as a Customer Services Advisor:

In different organisations, the Customer Service representative will often be the first point of contact a customer has with an organisation, so it is essential for them to create a good impression. Thus, they need to be polite and approachable, confident and have the ability to remain patient and calm in difficult or stressful situations.

Problem-solving skills and having the ability to think quickly and outside the box, follow instructions, work as a team and work on the initiative are also very desirable skills.

Expected salary in customer service delivery:

A full-time Customer Services job would usually involve around 37-40 hours per week, although working hours will vary from employer to employer. Part-time work is often available due to the nature of the role. During busy periods such as Christmas and summer holidays, significant overtime hours may be expected.

Many will work on a rota or shift pattern, which can often mean working in the early morning, during the day, in the evenings, on weekends and bank holidays, and in some organisations, on a 24-hour service.

Full-time Customer Service advisers can expect to earn anything from £17,500 to £20,000 per annum though this will depend on hiring organisation, experience and location. 

Further links and guidelines are available through the Customer Contact Association website which provides a wealth of helpful information that can assist when researching this vibrant industry. https://www.cca-global.com

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