Contact centre manager jobs entail multiple areas starting with the daily running and management of a contact centre through the effective use of resources. 

Depending on the size of the operation, contact centre managers will coordinate and motivate contact centre staff.   The contact centre manager is responsible for meeting and the possible setting of customer service targets and planning areas of improvement or development.  Contact centre managers liaise with the businesses that the contact centre provides services for, as well as with the third parties who supply products to the centre.

There are two main contact centres - inbound and outbound (some contact centres incorporate both) the manager will be responsible for ensuring that the floor runs smoothly.  Contact centre managers will organise staffing including shift patterns and the number of staff required to meet the demand.   Ever accountable to the client, managers will be responsible for forecasting and analyzing data against budget figures on a weekly/monthly basis.  The manager's job will also require ongoing performance statistics analysis, e.g. average speed of answer, the average time of abandonment and making decisions on the basis of performance statistics, for example, which members of staff need to improve, how effective the current scripts are etc.

Effective qualities of the Contact Centre Manager:

  • Managing the daily running of the call centre, including sourcing equipment, effective resource planning and implementing call centre strategies and operations.

  • Carrying out needs assessments, performance reviews and cost/benefit analyses.

  • Setting and meeting performance targets for speed, efficiency, sales and quality.

  • Ensuring all relevant communications, records and data are updated and recorded.

  • Advising clients on products and services available.

  • Liaising with supervisors, team leaders, operatives and third parties to gather information and resolve issues.

  • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of industry developments and involvement in networks.

  • monitoring random calls to improve quality, minimise errors and track operative performance.

  • Coordinating staff recruitment, including writing vacancy advertisements and liaising with HR staff.

  • Reviewing the performance of staff, identifying training needs and planning training sessions.

  • Recording statistics, user rates and the performance levels of the centre and preparing reports.

  • Handling the most complex customer complaints or enquiries.

  • Organising staffing, including shift patterns and the number of staff required to meet demand.

  • Coaching, motivating and retaining staff and coordinating bonus, reward and incentive schemes.

  • Forecasting and analysing data against budget figures on a weekly and/or monthly basis.

Annual salary can range between £18,000 and £26,000. At Manager level, salaries vary widely between £20,000 and in excess of £60,000 with opportunities to earn commission. Senior-level salaries tend to have bonuses and other benefits attached.

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