Technical Structural engineer jobs deal with the inspection, analysis, design, planning and research of structural components and structural systems. The outcomes of these roles must also have to fulfil the technical, economic, aesthetic and social aspects.

Typical structures are buildings and bridges, although tunnels, earth retaining structures, large tanks, silos and mining structures are all designed by Technical Structural Engineers. Specialist areas of work include oil drilling platforms and associated infrastructure, shipbuilding and aircraft design. Most work is done in the construction industry, however, there are also needs for structural engineers in aerospace, automobile and shipbuilding industries.

Technical Structural Engineers ensure that structures are built to be strong enough to withstand environmental loading (e.g. gravity, wind and earthquakes). They must also make sure the structures do not deflect and vibrate beyond acceptable limits, nor fatigue or be degraded by external elements.

Average salary for Structural Engineer jobs 

Technical Structural engineer jobs usually enter the profession through a civil or architectural engineering degree or background with a structural emphasis, or through a structural engineering degree. The average salary comes in at around £45,000.

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