Technical Electrical engineer jobs are concerned with using low-power electricity to control equipment such as telecommunications, radio and television, computer applications, hospital diagnostic equipment and control systems used in everything from satellite tracking to domestic appliances such as washing machines.

Technical Electrical engineer jobs that electrical engineer may work on are the development, installation and maintenance of equipment in many fields, such as the transport industry, the aerospace industry, heavy industry, and commerce (computers, radio and television and video games).

Experienced Technical Electrical engineer jobs are usually either incorporated or chartered.

  • Incorporated engineers specialise in developing and applying modern technology. They have detailed knowledge and understanding of engineering applications.

  • Chartered engineers may be involved in research and development or manufacture and installation.

Technical Electrical engineer jobs should:

  • have an analytical mind

  • be good at maths

  • have the relevant technical skills

  • be interested in science and technology.

There are opportunities for Technical Electrical engineer jobs in a wide range of industries such as aerospace, marine, agricultural, chemical, energy and medical.

It is possible to train as a technician apprentice, but to train directly as an Technical Electrical engineer, people need a degree in a relevant subject before starting work. It is worth getting the highest possible qualifications.

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