Production Line/Bottling Hall Operator jobs involve a number of duties along the production line in food, drink and bottling factories. A Production Line/Bottling Hall Operator's main responsibility is operating machines to produce goods and prepare them for distribution.

Duties of a Production Line/Bottling Hall Operator

The main responsibilities and tasks that a Production Line/Bottling Hall Operator may perform include:

  • Setting up machines and beginning the bottling process

  • Ensuring equipment is in good condition

  • Solving any issues with the production line

  • Reporting machinery issues to a supervisor

  • Maintaining a clean workspace

  • Ensuring that bottles are correctly filled and labelled

What do you need to be a bottling hall operator?

To perform this job, there are various skills that one must have. A handful of these skills include practical skills such as the ability to operate machinery, good attention to detail, ability to follow instructions and working to a high standard.

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