As a production worker, your day to day duties will include manufacturing parts for several sectors such as food and drink, construction and pharmaceuticals. It is your responsibility to accurately measure, assemble and feed materials through production machinery, whilst operating and monitoring a smooth conveyor belt. Production workers will conduct regular quality checks and may also be responsible for packaging goods ready for shipping.

Working within production requires exceptional attention to detail in order to monitor each process effectively, as well as being able to work well with others as you will likely be a part of a large team. Co-ordination and other physical skills are extremely beneficial in production roles as employees are usually expected to lift and store a variety of goods within the factory as part of the day to day role.

What do I need to qualify for Production roles?

To be considered for a production role, candidates are required to undertake an apprenticeship programme to obtain a qualification in manufacturing. To boost your chances of landing a production career, you may also benefit from having a forklift truck certificate as this can become useful in a variety of organisations.

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