A process operator’s role is normally quite varied. They are primarily responsible for using equipment along the production line to ensure goods are manufactured and packaged correctly, ready for distribution. Moreover, they may be responsible for ensuring the smooth and accurate operation of machinery.

What does a Process Operator do?

  • Ensuring goods meet quality standards

  • Reporting any machinery or safety issues to a supervisor or technician

  • Maintaining records of operations by updating process logbooks

  • Following safety procedures when operating machinery

  • Maintaining a clean and organised workspace

Skills that a production/process operator must possess include ability to use logic, proficiency for accuracy and ability to work well in a team. Other skills that process operators may possess include:

  • Basic maths skills to calculate decimals and percentages

  • Good problem-solving skills

  • Manual dexterity

  • Good written and oral communication

  • Ability to lift, load and unload heavy items 

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