The main function of a packaging technologist is to create, develop and manufacture packaging for a wide variety of products. Packaging technologists will work alongside clients in the design process, ensuring designs are enough in meeting their needs.

Job Description

Packaging technologists will complete a mixture of the following duties daily:

  • Conceptualising and producing sample packaging, trailing different materials and compositions until the correct one is found

  • Testing packaging designs to ensure its fit for function

  • Liaising with engineers to formulate the most efficient production approach

  • Work closely alongside the graphic design department, as well as the client, to ensure the packaging can provide satisfactory brand exposure.

Salary and Working Conditions

The salary for Packaging Technologists will range between £20,000 and £40,000, with this top figure being achieved with experience of delivering satisfactory products. In terms of working conditions, packaging technologists will find themselves working in both the office environment, when meeting with clients, as well as laboratories when developing packaging.

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