​Mechanical Technician jobs work with anything that moves mechanically. Mechanical Technician jobs includes the moving parts of an engine, such as gears and pulleys and also substances such as air and water which can be moved mechanically.

Mechanical Technician jobs work under the supervision of an incorporated or chartered mechanical engineer and undertake a wide range of duties.

The duties of mechanical technician jobs include:

  • operating machinery;

  • testing equipment and making working models;

  • servicing and repairing machinery;

  • purchasing goods and estimating costs.

Mechanical Technician jobs may work in a wide range of organisations and types of industry. Most mechanical technician jobs are in factories or laboratories and involve a 37.5 hour work week. Overtime and shift work may also be available.

Mechanical Technician jobs must be practical people. Mechanical Technician jobs should enjoy problem-solving and have strong computer skills. Mechanical Technician jobs have to be able to use different tools and equipment and understand detailed technical drawings. Mechanical Technician jobs must also be good team players and have strong communication skills.

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