Marine engineer jobs are officers of a ship that operate and maintain the propulsion and other systems onboard the vessel. Marine engineer jobs also deal with the sewage, lighting, air conditioning and water systems. Marine engineer jobs deal with bulk fuel transfers and require training in fire fighting and first aid, as well as in dealing with the ship's boats and other nautical tasks.

Marine engineer jobs can also be involved in the design and construction of the ship's systems. New design is mostly included within the naval architecture or ship design. The field is closely related to mechanical engineering although knowledge and experience in electrical, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, control and process engineering, along with chemistry, naval architecture, gas turbines and even nuclear technology can be required on certain vessels.

Marine engineer jobs have a hands-on job and often work in arduous conditions. They must always keep a clear head and be extremely safety conscious given the heavy machinery environment.

Marine engineer jobs also responsible for the management of the rest of the engine room crew.

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