Manufacturing engineers design, develop and improve manufacturing systems, which convert raw materials into finished products. In Manufacturing Engineer Jobs, you will work on the whole system, from design to finished product and will be employed by production and process companies such as good, drink and car manufacturers.

Oftentimes, they will work collaboratively with Design Engineer Jobs on the design of a multititude of different things like aircraft, bridges, medical equipment, farm machinery, computers and mobile phones.

Duties and responsibilities in Manufacturing Engineer Jobs

Manufacturing Engineers are responsible for the technical management, maintenance and development of new and existing production lines within a wide range of manufacturing companies.

  • managing budgets;

  • maintaining statistical and financial records;

  • managing engineering and technical staff;

  • purchasing and installing equipment;

  • responding to breakdowns and problems;

  • identifying faults;

  • investigating and examining production problems;

  • repairing equipment;

  • planning and organising maintenance;

  • liaising with suppliers, customers and research and development staff;

  • developing new processes;

  • making improvements to current operations to improve efficiency.

Engineers may be required to do shift and ‘on-call' work, particularly where manufacturing equipment is in continual 24-hour operation. Career progression is often improved by a move into managerial positions or related areas of employment such as plant/production engineering.

Manufacturing Engineer - expected salary

Salaries are typically in the region of £26,000 to £40,000. Chartered engineers can earn up to £60,000.

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