Draughtsman jobs include the production and management of technical drawings which accompany repair schemes and assist with overhaul and inspection procedures, as well as the drawings that manufacturers work from for equipment. The draughtsperson will liaise with the production department to develop dimensional data for the component repair schemes, and liaise with sub-contractors to prepare and define process requirements for repair of components.

Draughtsman jobs will work alongside all other engineers on the development of plant machinery, gas turbines, hydraulic systems, sub-sea mechanical handling equipment etc.  You'll more than likely have previous experience within the mechanical engineering environment and a draughtsperson will have relevant draughting experience within an engineering environment, and be familiar with manufacturing limits and geometrical tolerancing.

To perform Draughtsman Jobs, you'll need:

As a Design Engineer, you will plan and sketch out how machines, equipment and objects will work, look and be made. You'll design lots of different things, like aircraft, bridges, medical equipment, farm machinery, computers and mobile phones.

You will have to think very carefully about the safety, strength, environmental impact and cost of the things you are working on.

You will use computer-aided design (CAD) software to build a design on screen. For example, the software will help you to work out how heavy each part will be.

You'll write instructions for technicians to build models (prototypes) of the end product.

Finally you can test the prototype to see how the product will work. Sometimes you may have to change your designs as a result of these tests.

Draughtsman jobs will also have to be a good communicator at various levels, having to interpret drawings to clients, sub-contractors and members of their own team. They will have a good sense of customer service and know how to win over a client.

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