Transport Managers are responsible for the management of the delivery of goods. Transport managers would look after routing, monitoring driver hours and ensure the operation runs with minimum disruption.

Transport Managers often work weekends and shifts to cover 24-hour operations. The working environment varies for transportation managers between offices and depots, to visiting vehicles on the road in all weathers.

The essential qualifications are the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) of the Department for Transport (in Northern Ireland, the equivalent is the Department of the Environment).

What would you do as a Transport Manager?

Managers of transport have the responsibility of planning the routes and schedules of drivers involved in road haulage, distribution and logistics. They must ensure that all operations are carried out in accordance with UK and EU laws, vehicle safety regulations. Transport managers are also responsible for the environmental controls on fuel emissions and traffic congestion, driver hours, customs requirements and food hygiene where applicable. They must ensure that the most economical method of completing the journey has been calculated as there will be budgetary restrictions.

The role requires strong organisational skills for planning schedules, journeys and loads and have good numeric skills for financial management.

A good transport manager will be able to think logically and analytically, be flexible and able to make decisions quickly and have strong communication skills to deal with various people from drivers to government officials. They must be computer literate, be prepared to work in a variety of different locations and conditions and be comfortable working in a hands-on, practical situation.

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