Supply Chain Managers (SCMs) play a vital role in the successful operation of an organisation or business by ensuring the smooth flow of goods and services throughout organisations.

Supply Chain Managers develop and manage the materials planning function for goods and materials demanded by the company's vessels. They create item specific forecasts over a rolling time horizon to be used for ordering and inventory management purposes. Supply Chain Managers create integrated processes among operations, purchasing, logistics, distribution and outside suppliers to execute the planning/replenishment process.
Using identification systems tools, you’ll implement planning/forecasting systems and lead re-engineering efforts as it relates to supply chain planning and execution systems.

Supply Chain Manager jobs responsibilities

Supply Chain Managers cover a range of responsibilities to cover everything from management and supervision supervising staff to the creation of material requirement plans and/or forecasts.

  • Establish key performance metrics and benchmarks relating to supply chain planning/forecasting.

  • Measure actual performance against goals on a regular basis and present results to senior management;

  • Working knowledge of the development, use, and implementation of planning and forecasting systems and apply expertise to specify system functionality.

  • There’s often the opportunity to travel worldwide to vessels as required to enrol shipboard management in the planning/forecasting process.

  • IT expertise - utilise computer software programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access) for data analysis and reporting.

  • Understand the integrated supply chain and logistic concepts

  • Ability to communicate objectives clearly and convey the benefits to the organisation.

  • In supply chain management, you’ll be knowledgeable in planning and forecasting systems (MRP/DRP/ERP/CRM) and bring experience in implementing planning/forecasting system.

Required experience and qualifications to become a Supply Chain Manager

Qualifications are not always needed for this career. Many employers will value relevant first-hand business experience above actual qualifications. This experience could include:

  • Be knowledgeable in planning and forecasting systems (MRP/DRP/ERP/CRM) and bring experience in implementing planning/forecasting system.

  • Supply chain managers will bring expertise in product-specific forecasting in a manufacturing or distribution environment.

  • Previous exposure to JD Edwards and AMOS systems can put real gravitas behind any job application.

Supply Chain Manager salary expectation

Supply chain manager jobs will earn around £36,500 and can increase up to £51,500 for experienced personnel. Income figures are intended as a guide only.

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