Warehouse Managers are responsible for the warehouse staff, supervising pick rate efficiency whilst servicing the requirements of the distribution department to minimise operational disruption.

Warehouse management oversees the overall operation of warehouses. They will have duties that vary according to what stock is due to be delivered or dispatched, and there may be seasonal variations in workload. A Warehouse Manager will have tasks including planning deliveries and dispatch of stock, allocating space for storing goods, keeping track of stock levels using computer systems and ensuring correct storage of stock.

Duties of a Warehouse Operations Manager

A Warehouse Manager will also plan work schedules for warehouse operatives and supervisors. They will organise recruitment, training, be responsible for health & safety and deal with disciplinary issues. Warehouse managers will also make sure that security arrangements are adequate and security procedures are carried out correctly. Other duties a Warehouse Manager will undertake include scheduling the maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment and buildings, and liaising with other departments such as transport, production and marketing.

On average Warehouse Managers will work a 37-40 hour week involving shift work, unsociable hours, and overtime. The role is both office and warehouse-based. Protective clothing may need to be worn at times.

To be a Warehouse Manager you should have good numeric and IT skills, be able to plan and organise work schedules, be calm, level-headed and able to work under pressure and meet deadlines. Warehouse Managers will be able to make decisions and react quickly when problems arise, have leadership skills, good at teamwork and have good spoken and written communication skills.

There are many opportunities for Warehouse Manager Jobs in the UK with a wide range of manufacturing and retail companies.

A suitably experienced Warehouse Manager can earn around £40,000.

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