HGV drivers collect, transport and deliver millions of tonnes of goods a year throughout the UK and beyond. The HGV category ranges from 7.5 tonnes up to the European maximum of 44 tonnes. It includes rigid trucks, articulated lorries and trucks pulling trailers.

Lorry drivers could be carrying cattle or other livestock from farms and taking building materials or engineering equipment to and from factories. HGV drivers could be delivering large loads of clothing or food to shops or supermarkets. The job may include carrying hazardous or dangerous loads such as fuel or chemicals and some will take goods abroad or import materials.

HGV drivers can have any of the following main license categories that include Class 1, Class 2 and 7.5 tonne driving. Different types of driving include multi-drop, removal and trunking. They are often required to do a set number of drops on a multi-drop delivery within a set timescale.

Strict laws control the amount of time spent at the wheel and the rest breaks LGV drivers must take. Their hours must not exceed an average of 48 hours a week. Modern HGV and LGV drivers drive lorries that are usually comfortable and the larger ones have air-conditioning and even a small sleeping area in the cab. The job may require spending many hours alone.

What does an HGV Driver do?

  • Ensuring goods are safely secured

  • Keeping your vehicle in good condition

  • Loading and unloading the vehicle

  • Taking the quickest route to your destination

HGV Driver working conditions and salary expectations

Salaries vary for HGV Drivers but typically range from about £24,000 to £35,000 depending on experience.

The candidate would need to enjoy driving and have excellent driving skills, be able to concentrate for long periods of time and to be able to complete record sheets and paperwork accurately.

To be an HGV driver you must be over 18 and have a full car driving license. It is possible to move into the job from other work, such as warehouse and distribution or other road haulage jobs. Companies may train their own drivers, or potential new drivers could train and take an HGV licence privately at a driving school.

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