Forklift truck driver jobs transport heavy goods around depots such as factories and warehouses. Forklift truck driver jobs will usually transport goods stored on pallets to enable the load to be lifted easily and safely. These roles require responsibility, ability to work quickly and safely, able to assess weights and judge distances, able to follow safety rules and instructions.

Forklift truck drivers usually pick up pallets by guiding the forks of the lift truck into the open sides of the pallet. Subsequently raising or lowering the load to the right height for transporting and carefully travel with the load to the new position then raise or lower the pallet into place and withdraw the forks. These jobs will involve working standard daytime hours, Monday to Friday, with the possibility of working additional shifts to keep up with seasonal demand. As a forklift truck driver, you will generally work indoors in warehouses or factories, however, forklift truck driver jobs may work outside, for instance in goods yards.

How do I qualify as a Forklift Truck Driver and what are the salary expectations?

Forklift truck driver jobs will usually start on around £12,000. An experienced forklift truck driver operator can earn £20,000.

Employers will provide training for Forklift truck driver jobs, lasting roughly three to five days depending on the company. It is desirable to have the necessary Rittb licenses. As a forklift truck driver, you might have to undergo a medical examination and take an aptitude test - good physical co-ordination is important. Depending on the type of forklift truck you are driving would depend on the type of forklift licence that is required.

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