Distribution Managers plan and organise the control and movement of goods or raw materials. They will ensure they are delivered on time and with minimal waste, whilst liaising with other professionals, such as purchasing officers and transport managers and using computers to monitor stock levels, re-order goods and track the movement of goods. Distribution Managers will be responsible for analysing and developing networks and systems for efficiency and managing administrative and warehouse staff.

Distribution Managers generally work normal office hours which could occasionally involve evenings, weekends, shifts and on-call duties. Distribution manager jobs should be able to work logically and systematically, motivate and manage a team, plan ahead, computer literate and have strong communication skills.

Qualification and salary expectations of a Distribution Manager

Distribution Manager salaries range from around £18,000 to £60,000 a year.

Distribution Managers are employed throughout the UK by wholesalers, warehousing and distribution firms, manufacturers, freight forwarders, central and local government, public utilities, major retailers, charities and the Armed Forces. Some distribution manager jobs work for specialist consultancies.

Formal qualifications are not always required, but increasingly entrants into distribution manager jobs posts have degrees or diplomas in subjects such as logistics or supply chain management. Some larger employers have graduate training schemes for distribution managers. Distribution manager jobs can work towards relevant NVQs/SVQs or qualifications from The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK).

There are good opportunities for career development for Distribution Managers. Senior distribution manager jobs involve business development and consultancy work, with the possibility of research and foreign travel.

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