Qualified Solicitors are responsible for giving advice to clients and act on their behalf regarding legal matters. Cases that Solicitors deal with can be varied and will depend on their employer as well as the area the Solicitor is located. The main areas of employment for Solicitor jobs are a company and business law, although many practice conveyancing, probate or litigation, whereas some opt for central and local government. Solicitor's can also obtain employment in the Crown Prosecution Service.

As a Solicitor, you will usually work around 37 hours a week however many Solicitor roles may require longer hours and you could be on call at the weekend or bank holidays. You are likely to be based in an office environment with the occasional time spent in court.

Qualifications required and expected salary of a Solicitor

In Scotland, entrants to become a Solicitor normally need an LLB degree in Scottish law, or a good first degree in any non-law subject and a two-year graduate law degree.

Solicitors undertake vocational training after graduation. This involves taking the Diploma of Legal Practice in Scotland. Courses for Solicitors involve a training contract with a firm of solicitors. With further training, solicitors may become advocates. Solicitors may also become heads of legal departments in companies, chief executives or company secretaries.

Solicitors should be confident, with strong communication skills, able to absorb and analyse large amounts of information, careful and accurate in their work. Solicitors should be able to work under pressure, be good with figures and all solicitors should have an interest in law and research.

Salaries for Solicitors range from £16,000 basic for trainee solicitor jobs and this could rise to over £100,000 for an experienced Solicitor in a large firm. 

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