Legal Compliance professionals are primarily responsible for creating and maintaining accurate data of compliance procedures and policies. As a Legal Compliance Manager or Officer, you are also responsible for ensuring the organisation operates and adheres to current laws and is meeting the most up to date regulatory standards.

What is involved in a Legal Compliance position?

  • Create and implement a legitimate compliance procedure within an organisation

  • Carry out and oversee risk assessments and risk-related policies

  • Continuously monitor an organisations compliance with the laws and policies

  • Inform and support colleagues in understanding the regulations

How do I secure a role in Legal Compliance?

A specific degree or qualification may not be required to secure a role within Legal Compliance, however, companies recruiting for these types of roles may request that you have obtained a qualification in economics, business or a similar field.

As a Legal Compliance Manager, you will have high attention to detail, excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to communicate proficiently both verbally and written. You will be able to keep up to date and fully comprehend regulations and laws. Legal Compliance professionals need to also have the ability to analyse and understand information efficiently in order to make critical decisions and assist in any queries by all users.

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